The Message is Lost

by Lousienne Dee

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One of my main problems as a composer is that I tend to get so caught up in the tiniest of details while trying to convey whatever it is that I'm conveying that I lose the "message", which results in incoherency.

Initially, I thought that this piece was going to be another one of those. But as more issues popped up, both from a technical and emotional standpoint, I started thinking.. "What if I take things so far that any point I was trying to convey is destroyed, and thus becomes the point?"

...seriously, that worked a lot better in my head, lol.

Composed using LMMS, Hi-Q MP3 Recorder (hooray for Android-based mobile phones!), generic earbuds that come with mobile phones and Audacity. Ideally, I would have liked a bit more of an organic sound and better equalisation, but I'd like to think that this still resembles okay.


released January 8, 2012




Lousienne Dee Sydney, Australia

I'm a 22 year old multi-disciplined creative from Sydney, Australia, with significant time spent in Adelaide, Australia. An Elder Conservatorium drop-out, I try to combine what I learnt with the DIY "screw society/pop culture/jerkwads/insert machine to rage against here" aesthetic I've carried around since my teenage years. ... more

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